a partnership

’embrace the rainbow’ is a partnership.

It was conceived by Aleksandr Voinov, Amara Devonte and Kris of Kris ‘n’ Good Books with a view to increasing awareness, understanding, acceptance and support for trans*, genderqueer and questioning as well as all others seeking a safe space to discuss topics openly and without prejudice.

Since then, we have been pleased to welcome others to this important partnership.  This is who we are~

Aleksandr Voinov is is an emigrant German author living near London where, after four years in financial journalism, he is now making his living as an editor at an investment bank, freelance writer and creative writing teacher.  He is a well known and respected author of gay and m/m literature, spanning all genres such as historical, thriller, and romance.

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Amara Devonte loves all things books. She started blogging to provide her with her own space to speak her mind about what she was reading.  Since then, she has discovered that she loves hanging out and playing with her favorite authors. Her blog has turned into a place where she posts the occasional “review”, does author and character interviews, and does just about anything else that tickles her fancy.

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Kris reads, rants, is random and R-rated.  She owns a book blog where she tends to do a lot of everything (or nothing as some may argue) with the exception of reviews because she’s too lazy to do anything resembling work.

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Becky is the girl next door, living in the midwest United States with her aging parents and a cat who thinks he runs the joint.  (He’s right.)  She reads voraciously, knits obsessively, and wastes far too much time following links from Twitter.  Becky only discovered the term genderqueer last year, but she’s known what it feels like her whole life.

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Bran Mydwynter is just this guy, you know? He’s a geeky, subculture-infested technophile, with a passion for intelligent television, the macabre, and to explore every creative process he can get either his hands or feet dirty in. At times he’s written riddle poems in Anglo-Saxon, taught bellydance, wrought iron at a forge, designed websites, been a voice-over artist, performed Shakespeare, and traded massage work for fiddle lessons. Now, he stubbornly navigates the trials and travails of owning his own art studio. His portfolio and shop can be found at MydwynterStudios.com.