about this site


The Site
‘embrace the rainbow’ aims to provide a safe space for all people in the book blogging community as a whole; whoever ‘they’ might be at a particular moment and whoever ‘they’ might be in different moments in the future.

The idea behind this ‘safe space’ is to give people the opportunity of having a place where they can raise and discuss issues openly and without prejudice, including fear of being offensive due to a lack of information.

If you object to GLBTQQ issues and themes, it is strongly recommended that you leave this site immediately.

The Blog
The opinions expressed in posts on the ’embrace the rainbow’ blog are those of the individual authors.

These posts are not necessarily the views held by the administrators of this site, nor does the decision to publish a post imply endorsement.

To encourage sincere discussion, ’embrace the rainbow’ will be moderated and all harassing or phobic comments deleted.

Safety and Privacy
Please be aware that the internet is a vulnerable public network.  While efforts will be made to protect people from risks like discrimination and privacy/anonymity, the administrators of this site advise guests and commenters to take appropriate precautions of their own.

If you are questioning or struggling with your sexuality and/or gender, ’embrace the rainbow’ strongly encourages you to access the wide range of resources and support networks available to you such as some of those listed on this site.