‘embrace the rainbow’ is a challenge to us all, particularly to those within the m/m romance and the book blogging community as a whole to:

–  become more aware of the issues facing trans*, genderqueer and questioning people;

–  increase understanding through education and open discussion/s; and,

–  pay it forward, by encouraging acceptance and support in others.

‘embrace the rainbow’ aims to provide a safe space for all people; whoever ‘they’ might be at a particular moment and whoever ‘they’ might be in different moments in the future.

Be open to the full spectrum of possibilities.

Show your support by subscribing to this site, by adding our button or badge to your blog to identify it as a safe space, or by contributing to our blog.

Will you accept the challenge?

’embrace the rainbow’ will be moderated and all harassing or phobic comments deleted.  If you object to GLBTQQ issues and themes, it is strongly recommended that you leave this site immediately.